2004 Yamaha TW200

Make: Yamaha
Model: TW200
Year: 2004
Location: NSW, 2450
Body Type: Car / Motorcycle
Transmission: Manual

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Matt Black TW-200 with black seat. Fitted with standard nobby tyres with a 180 section rear tyre (fat back tyre). Twin headlight with cut down front and rear guards. Black leather saddle bag over the left rear tyre. It is electric start or kick start. It has a low seat height. it is light and is very easy to manoeuvre. . . This is a road trail bike and is in A1 mechanical condition. It is quite capable off road and in sand. Can be traillered to a set location and is available from either Sydney or Coffs Harbour. We also have a second TW-200 which is stock standard.

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