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MightyBoy1 edit

Suzuki Mighty Boy 1986

Suzuki Mighty Boy – what else is there like it? The Japanese Kei car that was imported to Australia in the late 1980s, as a commercial ute or pickup – or just a fun...

niki2 edit

Fiat 126 Niki tiny 70s designed car

From the origins of the Fiat 500 “Bambino” comes this tiny 70s Fiat design, built in communist Poland by PolskiFiat as a copy of the Fiat 126. This 1990 “126p” model was sold in...



Super rare Mustang Coyote, full Coyote body kit and engine upgrades, scissor doors, concourse condition, has 4 seats but rear are VERY tight.


Classy Pony

A beautiful example of the classic 1966 Mustang. Fully restored and converted to RHD “Loretta” is a stunning car to look at, she drives very well and sounds amazing with her four valve 289...