Over 3,000 unique cars to make your wedding photos extra special.

Note that we are not a traditional wedding car supplier. If you are looking for vehicles to ferry the bridal party between venues, then please contact traditional wedding car providers.

Our database will help you find that specific make and model of car which has a special meaning to you, your partner or your family.

Use the search facility:

  • Enter the state and post code of your wedding.
  • Select a suitable km radius in which to search.
  • Further refine your search criteria.
  • Click on the search button to see the vehicles available.
  • Click on the check box next to each thumbnail. No more than 5 please.
  • Go to the bottom of the page, click the box to send the details to us then input your name, email address and date and location of your wedding.

We will then contact the owners to check their availability.

Good hunting!

MGTD wedding car

MGTD wedding car

mustang weding carMGB wedding carMercedes wedding car