At Star Cars Agency we are used to working with tight deadlines, short notice and weird & wonderful requests.  We are here to take some of the pressure off from the many tasks that need to be done in a short time period, and we understand the entertainment/media industry.

We find the car for you, liase with the owners, do all the paperwork and can even cover insurance if needed. So you can focus on all the other creative things you need to do!

Clients (Producers, Art Directors, Photographers, Creatives)

When you receive a brief/script with any kind of vehicle, anywhere in Australia, come straight onto over to Star Cars.  You can search through our database of over 3,000 cars, on your phone, tablet or laptop, and easily send us a shortlist directly from the website.

If nothing quite fits what you are looking for (or if you are short on time), email what you are looking for to us and we will find it for you from one of other sources… ( we have our fingers in many different pies so can 99% of the time find the vehicle you are looking for!)