There are many ways that your pride and joy can earn you regular income rather than just sitting in the shed gathering dust.

By having your classic driven regularly, it will also become more reliable and the income you receive will contribute to your running costs and improving the resale value of your car.

There are many ways for earning income:

  1. Joy ride experiences – where clients come to your home, you take them for a drive in your car and return to your home afterwards.
  2. Wedding and Formal photoshoots – where you drive your car to 2 or 3 locations for photo opportunities.
  3. Self-drive hire – where clients come to your home, you explain the car to them, they drive away,  they bring it back.
  4. Fashion and other commercial photoshoots – where you drive your car to the shoot location, stay and supervise and return home afterwards.
  5. Film and TV – where your car is driven by actors and filmed.
  6. Corporate promotion work – where your car is used to promote a company’s product or to enhance their value proposition or change program.

The one which balances the bSelf Drive Logo est 2008est income earning potential with the least time commitment from you and best care for your car is self-drive hire.  Still quite new in Australia but very popular with owners in Europe, particularly in the UK where over 500 classics are available for self-drive hire.  These hires are done through our sister company – www.vintageandclassiccarhire.com.au  Have a look at the cars currently available around Australia, then contact us for more details.


We understand that many Star Cars Horizontal (640x203)owners are very protective of their cars and would not like anyone else driving them.  For those of you, you need to register your car for the other 5 ways of earning income through our division – www.starcarsagency.com.au.   You can do this yourself, online.  Simply register and load up your car’s details with some good photos.





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Want the chance to make good money from your car? Want your car to be famous? Want your car’s value to increase?

We are interested in ALL kinds of vehicles, and are always looking for trucks, vans, anything classic or vintage, especially non-modified. (Although modified cars are also welcome!) We are interested in all conditions, from concourse to rusty & dusty. Click on the REGISTER button and create an account so you can list your car..