1976 Rover P6B V8

Make: Rover
Model: P6B
Year: 1976
Location: Tasmania, 7173
Body Type: Car
Transmission: Automatic

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This vehicle is mechanically excellent and generally in good original condition although the velour seats and rear shelf have been affected by the sun.  There is no air conditioner fitted and the heater is currently inoperable but except on very hot or cold days the interior is a comfortable temp.

The front seats are covered with aftermarket white wool seat covers.

The engine runs well and the transmission is in good order.  The sound of the engine is a delight for V8 fans.

The suspension gives a very comfortable ride and the steering and handling are excellent.

The exterior paintwork is original with some minor signs of wear as to be expected due to the age of the vehicle but does look great when polished.

Chrome work is original and in good condition.

As you would expect with a Rover this car has been made with great attention to quality and comfort.

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