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1997 NA8 Mazda MX5

Last of the 1st series NA MX5. Excellent modified condition. Mazda AU sold approx 4800 of the NA model. Only 90 sold in this beautiful Montego blue. Mine is the even rarer dark hue...


Mustang Convertible

Looking for a unique car?? Then this is the one for you!! 2002 Ford Mustang Cobra Convertible. Unique history behind these cars and very likeable by everyone who comes across it.  


1989 Mazda MX5

I have the optional hard top if wanted and the original wheels, shift knob and steering if needed.


Mazda MX5 NA 1989 (Eunos Roadster)

1989 Mazda Euonos Roadster Immaculate red paint no scratches, chips or fading Soft top in near perfect condition and in working order Pop up headlights in working condition Wheels can be converted back to...


Mazda MX5 convertible

Vehicle is lowered but it can raised as it has adjustable height coilover suspension. The colour coded hard top can be removed as there is a foldable soft top still fitted. There is a...



Hi my names Steve im from Canberra and I own a very unique ANZAC themed ute. The mods that i have done on the ute are endless, but mostly exterior so far, it has...