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Commodore VX – SS Sedan

This car presents as new – it is in immaculate condition with a host of performance enhancing modifications. It is a  Red Hot Factory colour with Black & Chrome Vinyl Graphics. It has a...

2017 HSV (4)

One of Australia’s last HSV’s

This car speaks for itself. It is in brand new condition with very low mileage & loads of performance features. Its a 2017 VFII GTS-R automatic with ‘Light My Fire” Orange Duco, 4 door...

White Knight Back Tray

Hard Working Tradie Ute

This vehicle shows classic signs of a vehicle that has worked hard,  a Tradie Ute with some charactor rust and bumps to the exterior, still very drivable with a relativity tidy interior.  Seats in...

27 March 2021 (4) - Copy

1977 Ford F100

Tuff old F100. Straight out of Mad Max or southern USA. Fitted with a 351 V8 which sounds great at idle or when driven. Goes quiet hard for a big truck.



This car is in excellent original condition. Only 110,000 kms. Original pepper pot wheels. No rust, no dents, looks like an executive sedan from the 1980s. Interior is period perfect. Excellent wood dash and...