V12 Toyota Century – Japanese Limousine

Make: Toyota
Model: Century
Year: 2005
Location: NSW, 2067
Body Type: Car / Sedan
Transmission: Automatic

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The Toyota Century is not only the flagship of the Toyota line, it is the flagship of the entire Japanese car industry. Above Toyota is Lexus, and above Lexus is Century. Often referred to as the Japanese Rolls Royce, it is the pinnacle of quality, engineering, and comfort. 

Available exclusively in the Japanese market, the Century is often used by the Imperial House of Japan, the Prime Minister of Japan, senior government leaders, and high-level executive businessmen.

In addition to ferrying about heads of industry, royal family, and Japanese celebrities, the Century also holds the dubious honour of being the car of choice for Yakuza bosses.

The car is almost entirely made by hand by Toyota’s finest craftsmen, including a legendary 7-layer paint technique only ever used on the Century. 

Powered by Japans only V12 to make it into a production car, it is renowned for being incredibly smooth and quiet. Also equipped with air suspension, it’s one of the most comfortable cars ever made.

Like other cars in the top of the luxury class, the Century is designed with rear seat passengers in mind. With reclining rear seats, a fold down foot rest, heated, air conditioned, and massage seats, as well as soft close doors, rear passengers experience a very unique experience to the Century. 

At over 5M long, the Century is an imposing sight on the roads. Demanding attention wherever it goes, it’s one of the most unique and luxurious cars ever made.

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