TESLA Model X (2019) with Falcon Wing Doors! 100% Electric

2019-05-19 11.17.56b
Make: Tesla
Model: Model X (Performance SUV with 7 seats)
Year: 2019
Location: QLD, 4223
Body Type: Car / Sports Car / SUV
Transmission: Automatic

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TESLAs are known as the world’s most famous fully-electric luxury car brand.     This amazing ‘Model X’ is available for photoshoots and special events. The Model X is one of the fastest SUVs in the world and contains over 50 special features not found in other cars, such as Autopilot which enables it to drive itself on motorways. Its Falcon Wing Doors open above the car, just like a Lamborghini. The car can also do a solo “flying car dance” with all its doors and LED lights flashing in time with music, which is amazing to watch at night. It also contains a storage compartment instead of an engine in the front ‘trunk’ and a huge 43cm touchscreen display with world-first technology options. Bluey (as we call the car) is almost a new car and contains a range of Tesla features including Summon, which enables it to be moved forward or backwards without anyone inside it.

It is luxurious, very fast and really quiet. Its leather interior is matched with an amazing panoramic windshield that allows you to see the clouds and trees, or stars at night. Bluey comes with the convenience of 7 seats which can be adjusted as needed. It has been used for films and photoshoots. Hire options are available too. The car retails for $140,000+

The car is available on the Gold Coast and within 100km of the Gold Coast including Brisbane and northern NSW (delivery fees may apply).


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