Make: Holden
Model: Ve ssv s2 walkinshaw W407
Year: 2012
Location: Nsw, 2460
Body Type: Car / Muscle Car / Sedan / Sports Car
Transmission: Manual

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Different from the norm …

Stunning walkinshaw enhanced VE SS W407 package with more ..

Massive cam package , noticeable exhaust  that growls when provoked. And has an amazing idle note .

Mint custom walkinshaw performance   leather interiour with matching trim and wheel.

6 speed manual with short throw hurst shifter . And fully built drivetrain

Finished in rare sizzle red duco with carbon fibre accents and beautiful matt (uncommon) HSV rims.

Perfect for formal , weddings , cruises , photo shoots or movies. 

Why walk when you can walkinshaw is style.


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