2005 chevrolet SSR

Make: 0
Model: SSR
Year: 2005
Location: VIC, 3939
Body Type: Car / Convertible / Muscle Car / Truck / Ute
Transmission: Manual

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The SSR Chevrolet ute / truck has a factory retractable hard top making it a full convertible which folds up and drops behind the seats. . the interior of the ute has black leather seats with retro style poished alloy trim.. The Chevy is a retro style copy of a 1948 / 50s style truck. around 4800 were made from 04 to 06. this model has the 6 litre. 400 HP. LS2 corvette all alloy motor with a 6 speed manual gearbox. it runs 19 chrome rims on the front and 20chrome rims on the rear. fast but nice to drive.

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