1994 BMW e36 320i

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Make: BMW
Model: e36 320i
Year: 1994
Location: ACT, 2906
Body Type: Car / Sedan
Transmission: Automatic

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this BMW is a lowrider inspired e36 320i it has been done up to look like a old school american lowrider but on a modernish european car.
the paint is done in house of color green to gold chameleon pearl and also has lace graphics with a pearlescent skull that can only be seen in the right lighting. the graphics (lace) are done on the boot roof and bonnet and are done in PPG candy orange and candy gold which really conform with an old school paintjob. the car also has pinstriping done in gold and yellow over the whole car in different areas. the car features 20 120 spoke origional daytons pulling the theme that much closer together.it is a 4 door car with a sunroof and shines a vast array of colors and really pops in any form of lighting.. the interior is all done in a light grey leather with diamond stitching and perforated leather on the seats. it sports a custom fiberglass centre peice running all the way from the built in tablet in the dash all the way up to the brake light. both the dash and the centre peice are done in PPG hawaiin punch also the doors are custom made with leather and inserts and also have a little of the same paint on them on the back of the seats and the roof liner is a light grey suede just to mix it up all of this topped off by a very loud and high line audio set up and pinstriping throughout the interior just to keep the theme consistency up.. the car has won many trophys competed in high level competitions and also been featured in magazines it shines very brightly in any form of light and the overall theme and consistency is certainly one that turns heads.

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