1984 Jeep CJ 7

1354507068_CJ7 003
Make: Jeep
Model: CJ 7
Year: 1984
Location: VIC, 3192
Body Type: Car / Convertible / Other / Truck / Ute
Transmission: Manual

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The 1984 Jeep CJ 7 is possibly one of the Very Best Examples of an Original Mid 80s Jeep. It is in outstanding condition in a great silver Color with Red Garnet Color Interior. It is like New. This Jeep Renegade Interior is rare in the Red Garnet color and is a great match for the Silver Painted exterior. It has matching Red Garnet Roll bar cover and other interior original features which are very hard to find. This jeep is convertible. Seats 4 people. The intention of the restoration of this Jeep was to create an outstanding example of the Jeep applicable to how it was presented New in 1984. It has nothing added to it and it as it arrived in Australia at that time. The Silver body with Red interior is very striking and original. Vehicle will be registered shortly on a club permit.

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