1976 Rambler Matador X Coupe

Make: Rambler
Model: Matador X Coupe
Year: 1976
Location: NSW, 2198
Body Type: Car / Coupe / Muscle Car / Sports Car
Transmission: Automatic

post_image_2   post_image_3

2 door coupe sprayed sting red. It has chrome mags and 12 inch wheels in the back. The mags are dragway replicas. All badges are present.. New plush black carpet inside and the seats are a white surround with red and white inserts. It has a back seat that will seat 3 people.. I have put in chrome bug catcher and the car has factory air conditioning. There is a kenwood stereo with an amp and boombox in nthe boot.
This car also featured in the recently released Fat Pizza V Housos movie and is Sleeks pizza delivery vehicle in the movie.

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