1967 Volkswagen Kombi

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Make: Volkswagen
Model: Kombi
Year: 1967
Location: NSW, 2534
Body Type: Car / Van
Transmission: Manual

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Excellent condition. colour scheme based white water against deep water green. Looks as new but has Porche Cookie Cutter alloy wheels with painted green centres to match body.. Fully lined in grey & white including hood lining. This bus is a popular choice with brides and a real crowd pleaser with seating for up to eight guests (9 including the driver). with the seating configuration as; 1 passengers up the front with the chauffeur. 3 on the middle bench seat and 4 on the rear bench seat. Which makes organising transport for a large wedding party or group affordable and fun because you are facing each other in the back which makes for more of a party atmosphere rather than a bus ride. Has bluetooth speakers and a floor mounted cupboard. Heart cutouts for speaker grille above windscreen..
People of all ages have an emotional response when they see these classic vehicles. They stop. smile. wave. take photos and give peace signs (and insist on telling their Kombi story.) They are a classic piece of sculpture and arguably the most visually appreciated car on the road and this one is 45 year old.


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