1960 Buick Electra 225

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Make: Buick
Model: Electra 225
Year: 1960
Location: NSW, 2161
Body Type: Car / Sedan
Transmission: Automatic

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One of the rarest Buicks built in 1960. this top of the line model is an exceptionally large vehicle – the 225 in the name refers to the length of the car – 225.9 inches (5.74 m). One of the 1960 Buicks styling features was described in promotional literature as twin jet-pod nacelle headlamps. While they werent explicit which aircraft inspired this styling cue. it is clear that it was the B-52 bomber.. The aircraft theme is continued in the interior. with aircraft like heater controls. a speedometer that is actually a mirror image of a flat. reversed speedometer mounted horizontially. .

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