1958 series 1 Land Rover

Make: Land Rover
Model: Series 1
Year: 1958
Location: Victoria, 3352
Body Type: Car / Convertible / SUV / Ute
Transmission: Manual

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1958 Series one Land Rover. Short Wheel base. Externally original but powered by a 200 tdi diesel motor from a Land Rover Defender. This little car ‘Lola’ has real personality and would suit any historical context from 1954 onwards. Door tops can be removed and/or sides rolled up for more of an open ‘jeep’ like feel or the canvas top (which is a little rustic) removed altogether (note she is fitted with a roll bar which will be visible if this is done). This is a working vehicle (I use it for light road use and wood collection) and is thus not concourse. Currently on club registration.

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