1948 Chevrolet Fleet Master Convertible

1948 Chevrolet Fleet Master Convertible Sun Visor
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Fleet Master
Year: 1948
Location: ca, 90003
Body Type: Car / Convertible
Transmission: Manual

Former Car Provider For Classic Car Suppliers.

First Chevy Convertible FleetMaster with Original Sun-Visor.

The Car has been in the following movies:

Lambada 1990

Alien Warrior 1986

Mi Familia 1995

Night Vision 1990

Do That to Me One More Time-Da Flava Music Video 1996

Classic Low Riders Christmas Cover 1983

This Car Has been in Numerous Universal Studios Films During the 1990’s.

The Owner Has owed the car for over 34 Years.

Has been Approached by Jay Leno for Purchasing.



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