1926 Dodge Brothers Tourer

Make: Dodge
Model: 4 Tourer
Year: 1926
Location: Victoria , 3435
Body Type: Car / Convertible
Transmission: Manual

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Currently a project car for a father & son duo.  The car was purchased at auction after being in storage for almost 10 years once filming for Baz Lurhman’s The Great Gatsby 2013 in Sydney had finished up.  (There is a screenshot of the car here in the film) The car was stripped of a few items during filming & we are currently in the process of relocating & restoring those pieces.  The car was converted to left hand drive for the film.  We will be converting this back to right hand drive in due course.

Although the car is running.  We are currently having issues with the magneto, which needs to be reconditioned for it to be running 100%.

The car is perfect to be used as a background prop as is, or perhaps a photo opportunity.

Any questions.  Please feel free to ask.


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