VFII SSV Redline Commodore – The Last Aussie Muscle Car

Make: Holden
Model: Commodore SSV Redline Edition
Year: 2015
Location: NSW, 2217
Body Type: Car / Muscle Car
Transmission: Automatic

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The last of the Commodores!

This Australian designed and built VFII SSV Redline is the last of the Australian Muscle Cars, and Holden’s final local effort before fully withdrawing from the market – it will go down in history as their greatest.

Commodores are as Aussie as meat pies, kangaroos, football and… well, Holden cars!

This vehicle is ideal for filming and photoshoots, with deep black metallic paint in excellent condition, striking red Brembo brake calipers that contrast against the 19 inch alloy wheels.

Aggressive, sharp styling all over the interior and exterior of this vehicle give it a sense of presence and menace that few other vehicles can so convincingly achieve. It could play the hero’s car as easily as the villain’s.

With an uproarious 6.2 litre V8 engine that redlines at 6000 RPM, there will be ample opportunity to capture throaty roars, crackles and bangs as the automatic transmission selects it’s next gear.

Whilst the SSV Redline is a driver’s car, it also has excellent road manners, with excellent sound suppression, very forgiving suspension and a roomy interior that ensures capturing scenes inside the vehicle will come as less of a challenge.

This Commodore SSV Redline is available for any and all jobs immediately.

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