Mercedes Benz People Mover

2012_mercedes-benz_valente Front Quarter
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Year: 2012
Location: NSW, 2093
Body Type: Other / Wagon
Transmission: Automatic

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Matilda is a large but friendly van with 8 comfortable seats. Rear seats can be removed or moved into various configurations of 8, 7,  5, 4 or 2. The second row can be forward or rear facing.

There are large sliding doors on both sides and a large upward folding tailgate. Even with all 8 seats there is a large cargo space. With the seats removed it’s cavernous.

There are two air conditioners, one for front and one for the back. It also has bluetooth phone, a CD stacker, cruise control, speed limiter and lots of airbags.

Perfect for touring or sightseeing with a large group.

It’s very easy to drive with excellent vision in all directions, surprisingly tight turning circle and parking sensors.

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