Immaculate Porsche Boxter with Cayman Hardtop.

Make: Porsche
Model: Boxter ( Cayman Hardtop)
Year: 2002
Location: Qld, 4012
Body Type: Car / Coupe / Sports Car
Transmission: Automatic

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My Porsche 986 is simply stunning and turns heads wherever I go. People stop to talk to me at petrol stations and  shopping centres and even pull up beside me at the lights to have a chat and a gawk.

Even owners of much newer and more expensive Porsches pull up and give me a smile of respect and nodd their head in pleasant admiration.

Groups of excited school boys all watch and move in unison with their mobile phones firmly grasped in 1 had filming me as I drive by  on the school run with my kids. Their other hand giving me the thumbs up !

Adults, Children, Men and Women – all are mesmerized  by this classic and unique example of a quality Marque.

With drop dead gorgeous looks finished in a seal grey paint work..  as quoted by a Porsche employee in Stuttgart .. ” The silver grey tones are the best-  as the shadows playing on such tones clearly delineates every curve”

Now this is not just an ordinary Porsche Boxter. It has been fitted with an aftermarket Cayman Hardtop and custom fitted and painted – miraculously merging into the styling making it look like a later model Cayman.

This hardtop is currently available overseas and is a rare find in Australia and the only one that I know of.

My car is perfect for any photo shoot requiring an elegant, sleek and simply beautiful car.

Most importantly, this car is fully registered and driveable and simply a car of which “ There is no Substitute”

With it’s squat stance, wide rubber and throbbing six cylinder right behing the driver’s seat  and with the air intake roar outside the window, this car gives a driving experience like no other.

There’s a multimedia player in the car but it always switched off as there is nothing more musical than the sweet sound of the inline six gurgling away as you drive.

I love the quote from the owner manual which says ” Warning! this car boasts extraordinary power”

This car has a Porsche Tiptronic semi automatic gearbox which gives the driver the best of both worlds.. Simplistic driving in traffic in Automatic mode and when you hit the country winding roads, flick over to Manual Tiptronic.

Overall, this car is a piece of motoring excellence and with stunningly beautiful looks  is perfect for all occasions from photo shoots to driving experiences. From being the pretty  eye candy in the background to the star on centerstage .




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