DeLorean DMC-12, Brisbane

Make: DeLorean
Model: DMC-12
Year: 1981
Location: QLD, 4151
Body Type: Car / Coupe
Transmission: Automatic

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The infamous DeLorean, formally known as the “DMC-12”, manufactured in April 1981 by the DeLorean Motor Company. This particular vehicle is an early model in excellent condition, both its interior black styling and its beautiful bare brushed Stainless Steel exterior. A one-of-a-kind Right Hand Drive conversion was performed by DMC Northwest (now DeLorean Services Northwest) and overseen by an ex Boeing engineer. On full open registration, subtle modifications & upgrades have been made to this vehicle to make it mechanically reliable enough for daily use in the hot Australian climate, all keeping within the spirit of the original classic vehicle. I keep a log of some of the maintenance/upgrades I perform on my DeLorean, if seeing behind the curtain of DeLorean ownership is your kind of thing.

This DeLorean has been hired dozens of times for everything from weddings & photoshoots, to official Universal-licensed Back to the Future corporate events & conventions. It’s featured within most of the major event spaces throughout Brisbane & the Gold Coast and many of the minor ones too, so it’s getting quite familiar with the different bump in/out requirements of different locations. DeLoreans have a habit of always putting a smile on people’s faces like no other vehicle, whether on actual display or a chance encounter while being used to pick up some milk from the local grocery store. After all, how many cars have bare metal panels, Gullwing doors, or were featured in one of the most popular Sci-Fi movies of all time?


The DeLorean DMC-12. Timeless, in more ways than one.

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