Classic 1978 Mercedes Coupe

Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: 280CE
Year: 1978
Location: NSW, 2206
Body Type: Car / Coupe
Transmission: Automatic

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A 1978 Mercedes-Benz Classic Pillarless Coupe..

The W123 Mercedes model was one of the most successful for Mercedes-Benz. Practical, reliable and when it comes to this gorgeous pillarless coupe, beautifully elegant. Out of the 2.7 million 123s produced, less than 100,000 were coupes, and a much smaller number were manufactured in RHD. It’s no wonder these lovely coupes were very sought after back in the day. Incredibly, the price tag in 1978 was AU$40,700 which was equivalent to a Jaguar XJ-S V12.

This particular Coupe is feature packed, with perfectly working power windows, cruise control, 4 wheel disc brakes, self levelling suspension and a lovely 2.8L twin cam 6cyl engine – mechanically perfect since 1978!

The driving experience with all windows down is as close to a cabriolet as you can get, thanks to the Classic pillarless design. A lovely car to drive

A beautifully presented interior, which must be seen to be believed. A testament to the timeless design and incredible build quality of these vehicles.

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