1997 NA8 Mazda MX5

Make: Mazda
Model: MX5
Year: 1997
Location: NSW, 2099
Body Type: Car / Convertible / Sports Car
Transmission: Manual

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Last of the 1st series NA MX5. Excellent modified condition. Mazda AU sold approx 4800 of the NA model. Only 90 sold in this beautiful Montego blue. Mine is the even rarer dark hue of this colour. Beautiful little car that receives comments every time I drive it.

I have 2 sets of wheels. 15” painted ‘949’ racing & 17” polished lip.

I use this car for track day & club racing hence is currently fitted with required stickers. Sparco drivers seat. Roll bar. Tow hooks. Track suspension. The exhaust makes a deep burble not unlike an old MGB.

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