1989 TP Magna wagon

Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Magna
Year: 1989
Location: Victoria , 3190
Body Type: Car / Wagon
Transmission: Manual

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This is ‘Mandy’, my beloved TP 1989 Mitsubishi Magna 5 speed GLX wagon.

Mandy was originally a country car, spending most of her life up in Horsham on a farm. When the original owner had to give up his licence, his children tried to take her down to the local wreckers as they felt she was too old and no one would want a “dirty old Magna” these days.

Secretly the original owner gave it away to a couple of Mitsubishi fanatics, who promised to find her a good home and someone who will take care of her.

5 years passed and Mandy spent her time sitting in a shed on a rural property.

It was by sheer luck and the wonders of social media I stumbled across Mandy. After some back and forth chatting I bought her and got her back to Melbourne where she has enjoyed a very relaxing lifestyle ever since.

Everything is pretty much stock on her. She is a 5 speed manual with fuel injection (rare for a base model GLX) with air conditioning and power steering. It’s a fantastic cruiser and now these old Magna’s are starting to attract a small cult following.

Mandy can be viewed on a few small independent small videos, including this music video clip



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