1969 Sunbeam – Hillman Imp Sport GT

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Make: Sunbeam / Hillman
Model: Imp Sport GT
Year: 1969
Location: NSW, 2777
Body Type: Car / Hatch / Sedan / Sports Car
Transmission: Manual

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This Sunbeam Imp is a unique example in Australia. It has been tastefully enhanced with some subtle changes such as the addition of 13 minilite mags and a slightly lower suspension. The paint is in good condition. the exterior of the car was restored 15 years ago.. The interior has been re-trimmed in black leather and has s period multi gauge dash cluster (chrome rimmed classic Smiths Gauges). The interior is in better than original condition with black carpets.. This car is the Sunbeam version of the infamous Hillman Imp. Sunbeam badged cars were not sold in Australia. this example being from New Zealand. This car has featured in Australian Classic Car magazine in 2008. The engine is in the rear of the car in this model.

This is a classic piece of English motoring history that was extensively sold in the mid to late 60s and early 70s in competition with the Mini.

The car would be perfect for a period English placement or a requirement for a unique vehicle that is a bit out of the ordinary.

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