1969 Ford Falcon (Convertible)

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Make: Ford
Model: Falcon (Convertible)
Year: 1969
Location: VIC, 3788
Body Type: Car / Convertible / Coupe / Muscle Car / Sports Car
Transmission: Automatic

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2 door convertible which was modified from an Australian 4 door Ford Falcon sedan. during which the front doors were also lengthened to give a much more authentic convertible appearance.. Standard interior with the exception of a replacement stereo. speakers and gauges. Car has 2 bucket seats in the front. t-bar auto and a 3 seat bench in the rear.. Car has engineers certificate and full registration.
(Car has parts from all late 60s. early 70s Ford Falcon eras. including XR. XT. XW. XY. XA. XB and XC)

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