Category: Sedan


Original 1992 Ford Fairlane

Original Ford Fairlane which were heavily used in formal and government functions during the 1990s. Completely original and in beautiful condition, part of my Fairlane collection as part of the Fairlane club of NSW


Classic Statesman

This is a Totally original vehicle inside and out, not modified in any way, virtually unmarked both inside and out, in the condition it was when it rolled off the production line


Classic 70s BMW in heritage brown

Beautiful 70s BMW the first of the 5 series in period brown and chrome trimmings complimented with whitewalls tyers. Along with woodgrain trim/ Champagne /beige leatherette interior This is rare there’s not one like...

Standard RH front view


Original showroom condition. extremely clean and tidy period car.

Running 2

Classic Old Vintage Humber Super Snipe

Unrestored Humber Super Snipe MkIII in driving condition. No rust, 100% complete. Great for background shots, back drops and certain media where an old car may be wanted for a certain ‘look’ Will be...