Category: Muscle Car


1975 Holden torana

Original Jade Green metallic colour with black bonnet and A9X bonnet scoop. No flares or spoilers.. Black velour recaro interior.


1964 Ford XM Coupe

Excellent. Restored Perfectly To Resemble New. . Excellent Condition. Restored Perfectly To Resemble New. . Perfect Example Of A Now Rare Classic.

26610691259835965_Picture 002.jpg

1968 Ford Mustang

Red coupe mustang. Magnum chrome wheels. Original prestine body shape.. Black vinyl. Orignal steering wheel. converted RH dash..


1996 Hummer H1

We have Six (6) Military H1 Hummers – various colours (3 x Black. 1 x Blue. 1 x Yellow. 1 x Silver). Can be repainting to your required colour and fully branded with Logos....


1968 Chevrolet Camaro

Showroom condition. Immaculate. Exterior and body has had a file finished paint job and tubbed to fit large wheels- drive smooth as an everyday vehicle with a 350 cubic inch engine with a powerglide...