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1953 Morris Minor 1000 Convertible

Dark green duco. A little rust. Biscuit top which folds down into a cover. Split screen windscreen. Not really restored but has a relatively new paint job and a relatively new top.. The interior...

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1971 Plymouth Roadrunner

All original. Metallic brown with white strope stripes and typical plymouth over-the-top graphics bonnet side roof. Warner Bros Roadrunner logos over car. Brown white , original restored. 383 big block


1961 Humber Super Snipe

Series IV Humber Super Snipe full-size prestige luxury sedan/saloon. A beautiful light coloured car, with the original factory paint- Oyster Grey. It features quad headlights, a curved roof and a super snipe hood ornament....

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1963 Chrysler Valiant

This Ap5 Valiant is the ultimate Rat-Rod. Original paint with 2 different blue colors showing, spots of green & red oxide primer showing through in parts. This car has plenty of character.. New carpets...