Holden Kingswood Ute.

A. Main.
Make: Holden
Model: HJ Kingswood
Year: 1975
Location: NSW, 2208
Body Type: Car / Muscle Car / Other / Ute
Transmission: Automatic

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Hello, the following is just a small introduction on Ute’s history.

This vehicle is a very clean car as seen in the photos, some of which were taken recently, and others sum 3 years ago. The Ute had been restored by the previous owner approximately 5 years ago, and showed by that owner. I have made some improvements to the car, mostly in the details and setup. I found there were some minor things that needed to be finished off that were not done in the original restoration, and I made some changes to the setup. Other than some minor imperfections in the Paintwork, body and finish, which I still need to address, I believe the photos are a true and reasonable representation of the Ute’s condition.

Note: The Main photo used shows the old license plate, and in the 2nd Interior Image.

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