Holden 1955 FJ Coupe

Make: Holden
Model: FJ Coupe
Year: 1955
Location: Nsw, 2500
Body Type: Car / Coupe
Transmission: Manual

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This is a one of a kind modified custom  FJ. It was originally modified and built  in the early 60’s in Wagga NSW. We tracked down the original owner who hadn’t seen the car for 40 years…he was gobsmacked it was still around and in such good condition.

It was famous on Dragway Circuits all over Australia.

It also was very successful on the Car Show circuit across Australia to.

It was purchased by us in 2008 & restored by 2012. It has a Facebook Page dedicated to its history and has many great stories and pictures.. old and new. It easily can be googled by the name: Holden FJ Draggin Coupe. Its worth a look.

The Coupe has won Awards in every category, mainly Best Modified Custom, at the hundreds of Car Shows it’s appeared at.  It’s also been featured in all of the Car Magazines in Australia.

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