Classic Citroen 2CV

2CV-Paris - 1 (1)
Make: Citroen
Model: 2CV AZ
Year: 1959
Location: VIC, 3011
Body Type: Car / Convertible
Transmission: Manual

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This little car first rolled on the road in early 1959 when she was bought with the intention to to take her to Africa. Her first owner placed the order especially for a PO edition of 2CV. The ‘PO’ refers to ‘POussiere’ (dust) or ‘Pays Outre-mer’ (overseas) and were sold in very limited numbers as they were special orders. The PO was designed for more rugged terrain with the front and rear axles better protected and an ‘oil bath’ air filter, which allowed the filter box to be filled with oil to help filter out sand/dust particles. The PO models also had enlarged tubular front bumpers (which are similar to the later safari bumpers), along with a few other minor special features. Unfortunately she never made it to Africa as she was sold late in 1959 to someone living in France, who drove her until 1981 when she was parked in a barn and left.

In late 2017 she was sold again and the new owner started her restoration. After close to a year, which included body off with rust repair, complete new braking system, new engine electrics and lots of other refurbishments, she was ready for the road again. The restoration was a hidden one though as the bumps and dings and beautiful patina have been preserved. This car looks every bit of her 60 years of age but drives beautifully.

In March 2019 she was sold again to an Australian living in Paris and this is where her story continues. She spent most of 2019 living in and exploring Paris and the surrounding countryside before starting the long journey to Melbourne, Australia. She arrived in Melbourne in early October and is now available for use.

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