2007 Chrysler Crossfire

Make: Chrysler
Model: Crossfire
Year: 2007
Location: WA, 6027
Body Type: Car / Convertible / Sports Car
Transmission: Automatic

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The quintessential red sports car convertible. in perfect condition and well maintained. This distinctive car turns heads wherever it goes. It has a rear spoiler which raises at 100kph and lowers again at 60kph but this can be overidden with a push of a switch to have it permanently up or down depending on the look you require.. Very rare two tone interior of cream and black leather. The cream really sets off the candy apple red exterior and helps make this a stunning car. . Has an electric canvas hood. A very low mileage (26000km) superbly maintained car which must be one of the best examples of its kind in Australia. Wonderful exhaust note. This car is a star in its own right and will add an extra character to any film or TV production it graces.

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