1993 Nissan Silvia

Make: Nissan
Model: Silvia
Year: 1993
Location: NSW, 2153
Body Type: Car / Coupe / Sports Car
Transmission: Manual

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Mint condition factory paint. low with stretched tyres which really makes the car stand out in crowds. Dark tinted windows. recently detailed the exterior. shines in the sun incredibly now. Large intercooler can be seen at the front of the car. Its low yet it can take on multi-story carparks. . Great condition. seats 4 people comfortably. Retains all of the interior so nothing is stripped out. Only the steering wheel is aftermarket (Personal) everything else is OEM other than the turbo timer and boost controller.. Moderately modified and currently is putting out 170kw. Quite humble on idle yet once opened up it is quite loud. Much of a head turner due to its appeal and stance. Its quick. can keep up with current model WRXs. HSV R8s. etc

Its turbocharged with plenty of modifications under the bonnet. One would say it is a drift car.

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