1990 Nissan S Cargo

Make: Nissan
Model: S Cargo
Year: 1990
Location: QLD, 4031
Body Type: Car / Van
Transmission: Automatic

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A lady of character. The sunroof. porthole side windows.unusually shaped side mirrors and bulbous headlights make this car stand out .Many people have commented that she looks French because of her uncommon body shape. The back door opens up as in a wagon. A grey import from Nissan. this car is rare in Australia.. A 2 seater with generous interior space and unusually large speedo. The windscreen is very large as are the windows. There is heaps of head space and the back of the van is very roomy. . This is the sort of car that makes people smile. Its not a show pony. but there is something friendly and approachable about it that attracts people and I am often stopped – to talk about my car.

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