1980 Ford Hearse

Make: Ford
Model: Hearse
Year: 1980
Location: NSW, 2502
Body Type: Car / Other / Wagon
Transmission: Automatic

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Body is a hearse conversion on a 1980 Ford Falcon wagon. LTD exterior trim. appearance spans 1970s and 1980s styles. Overall stretched length is 5.65m.

Paint is high gloss black with silver pinstripe. Chrome and stainless steel trim and roof rack. 20-spoke alloy wheels with standard tyres.

Limousine-style three-door configuration with two additional cargo hatches behind front doors. Tailgate is one-piece lift design encompassing rear light assembly. Large. green-tinted rear glass.. Black dash. controls. and moldings. Bench seat is dark grey vinyl with mid-brown velour inserts. matching velour door trim. Bench seats three people. Bulkhead behind front seat has sliding white-frosted glass partition.

Rear compartment measures 2500Lx1150Wx600H. White timber trim with full functioning hearse fittings; bed rollers. casket locks. rear extension roller. side rails. Cargo space under bed.. Flo is one of 27 Hadley hearse conversions on this model. Was in active service for 30 years and scrupulously maintained.

4.9lt V8 with column-shifted 3-speed automatic transmission. extremely quite running and in top mechanical condition.

Handles much like a regular wagon and fits in most full-size parking spaces. Very easy and civilised ride.

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