1954 Divco Milk truck

Make: Divco
Model: Milk truck
Year: 1954
Location: QLD, 4209
Body Type: Car / Other / Truck / Van
Transmission: Automatic

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The exterior has tangareen color on the bottom and wraps around the rear of the car then onto the roof. The airbrushed graphics are silver with gold pin striping around it. The top of the car is a champaign color. It has had a 80cm roof chop and a lot if other modification to the body. The car stands 2.2m high 5.5 metres long and 2.3 metres wide. The seats. floor and sides are wrapped with beige Italian leather and the roof is a beige suede. The graphics are silver leather which is identical to the graphics on the exterior . This Divco milk truck is the only registed one in australia and is one if two in australia. The other one is in a musician in Melbourne. These trucks were used for milk delivery in the USA. That are very rare.

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