Joy Rides

Vintage car joy rides

We have over 3,000 vehicles available for your Vintage or Classic Car Joy Ride Experience.


  1. You arrive at the owner’s home.
  2. They explain the car to you
  3. They strap you into the passenger seat
  4. They take you for a 1 hour ride over the best driving roads in their area.

Please note that vintage and classic car joy ride experiences cannot be used for transporting passengers from point A to point B.  Please contact traditional hire and taxi companies for that service.

Some of the owners may allow you to take the wheel for part of the joy ride subject to an additional payment. If you would like this option, please provide details of the driver’s driving experience.

Use our search facility to find your unique car:

  1. Enter the relevant state and post code of your location
  2. Select the Make and Model of your dream car.
  3. Select a suitable km radius in which to search
  4. Click on the search button to see the vehicles available.
  5. Click on the check box next to each thumbnail.  No more than 5 please.
  6. Go to the bottom of the page, click the box to send the details to us then input your name, email address and preferred date(s).

You need to give us 5 working days to be able to contact the owners, check availability and get back to you.

Good hunting!