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1985 Kenworth K123CR

Bogie drive prime mover. rated to 42.5 ton and legal to tow a 48 trailer. Red chassis with chrome rear wheels and highly polished fuel tanks. Whole truck was re-sprayed 12 months ago and...

81 Completed - January 2016

1950 Chevrolet 1-2 Ton Pickup

Fully restored American 1950 Chevrolet 1/2 ton V8 pickup truck. Satin black in color with red rims and big whitewall tyres. Excellent body condition with new panels. Vehicle is totally restored inside and out.....


1964 Nissan U320

Older restoration. . Re-trimmed in original style and colour. 5 seater crew cab ute. Can refit original steel wheels.


1950 Jeep Truck Willys

Restored to Original Condition. Everything is consistent with the era. even the tyres. Excellent condition. . Excellent Condition. Unique double silver gloveboxes. Red paint. Small Jeep windscreen and pointed bonnet. Seat dark brown with...


1996 Hummer H1

We have Six (6) Military H1 Hummers – various colours (3 x Black. 1 x Blue. 1 x Yellow. 1 x Silver). Can be repainting to your required colour and fully branded with Logos....

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1984 Jeep CJ 7

The 1984 Jeep CJ 7 is possibly one of the Very Best Examples of an Original Mid 80s Jeep. It is in outstanding condition in a great silver Color with Red Garnet Color Interior....


1974 Ford F100

good condition. daily driver. all original trims.. very good original condition. Tough looking vehicle with character.. 351 Cleveland V8 with the sound to match!