Category: Sports Car


1989 Lamborghini Countach

Fully Restored in 2000 – Scissor-action doors.. Only 2 seats (no back seat at all). Black leather interior.. The Ultimate Supercar – A real 80s classic. that never fails to pull a crowd.


1958 MG MGA

Beautifully restored roadster with unique steel wheels / tonneau cover original look.. Black leather seats with cream dash / wooden flooring and wood rimmed steering wheel / 5 speed manual gearbox. . slight modification...


1986 Mitsubishi Cordia

clean and simple exterior. in silver . oz racing wheels . and standard wheels avaible. . orignal sports seats . boost gauge. sports sterring wheel. its turbocharged. genuine GSR . its a rare very...


2006 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

Beautiful condition in classic Alfa red. Black tinted windows contrast nicely with the body of the car.. Immaculate conditioned leather. All standard.. Very very fast =) and is a great looking Euro sports car.


2007 Chrysler Crossfire

The quintessential red sports car convertible. in perfect condition and well maintained. This distinctive car turns heads wherever it goes. It has a rear spoiler which raises at 100kph and lowers again at 60kph...


1997 Lotus Esprit S4

One of the most recognizable and most stunning classic super cars ever built. Take a look at the photos to see what I mean.. Blach leather seats with yellow piping wnd a carbon fibre...