Category: Sports Car

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1963 A-C Cobra Shelby

This car is one of the better ones concose condtion. good looking race car. Red/Black leather very good looking . I hand built the Cobra 17 years ago and its still in the best...


2010 HSV GTS

Excellent condition. . Black leather. DVDs in head rests. excellent condition. Vehicle is driveable…but only by certain people. Extremely high powered. has more horse power than current V8 supercars.


2007 JTS

Very UNIQUE Sports Shape. Mid Engine. Le Mans Style Body. Crowd Stopper. New. . Black and Red. Very Roomy. Large Windscreen. Full Safety Harness Belts. Easy To Read Gauges. Perfect Condition. . New HSV...


1965 Shelby Cobra

The most iconic 60s muscle car. Muscular. tough. classical – Brutal. Flawless Galaxy Blue / Wimbeldon White paint. Original badging. functional side pipes. This car is the most authentic. non original vehicle in Australia.....