Category: Sports Car



Metallic Silver paint in great condition. Penta alloy wheels.. Cream leather seats. leather and polished timber trim all in original pristine condition. . 400 BHP Supercharged V8 engine is a Raging Bull in a...


1971 Ford Falcon 500

Rough with sanded back paint. Low stance with 17 wheels. Two race seats. 2x Harnesss. full roll cage. Hydraulic hand brake.. The car is set up for Drifting. Racing and all sorts of motor...


1962 Morris Cooper

Two door; paint in good condition; sliding windows model; racing livery; minilite wheels; Morris Rally Works equipment (including bonnet strap); tinted windows; bumper overiders; new number plate (not shown) one number up from original...


2010 HSV GTS

Excellent condition. . Black leather. DVDs in head rests. excellent condition. Extremely high powered. has more horse power than current V8 supercars.


1989 Lamborghini Countach

Fully Restored in 2000 – Scissor-action doors.. Only 2 seats (no back seat at all). Black leather interior.. The Ultimate Supercar – A real 80s classic that never fails to pull a crowd.