Category: Sedan


Hire this Beautiful car for your special occasion, photo shoot, tv show, movie or just for a joy ride. We can tailer the experience to suit your requirements. Call now and enjoy this experience...


Buick 1956 Classic 50s cruiser

This is a top of the line cool Buick of the 1950s Enjoy the comfort and roominess of this performance 1956 vehicle Mother of Pearl Steering Wheel, white wall tyres, enough chrome to make...


VK Brock Commodore’s

Group A and Group 3 HDT Brock Commodore Replicas, each with a solid lumpy stroker engine and tough driveline. Retrimmed in Cerulaen and Herringbone with Scheel seats and Venetian Blinds. GP3 SS sporting detailed...


1973 Honda Life

 Its an original condition Australian delivered Honda Life. It falls into the Japanese kei car catagory, having a engine capacity less that 600cc (360cc to be exact) and weighing in at 450kg. Cute and...


All Black Mercedes Coupe

2012 Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe. Car is all black with Black 20″ wheels and sits on air suspension for that ultimate low stance. The car can sit at normal height like factory suspension...


1970 Mini

Hi, My Mini is a Mini K but done up by the previous owner as a Cooper S. The interior is basic, carpet and vinyl. Great paint job.  


Jaguar Classic

People are bowled over when they see this car as it is so big & voluptuous. It is basically the 4 door version of an E-Type and although it is huge it is very...