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1955 Chevrolet Bel Air

older restoration 2 tone white roof. boot and half rear quater panels the rest light blue. very good condition. blue and light blue cloth and vinal interior original style very good condition . has...


Beautifully retored to original white glossy paint with all new glass. chrome and sabre wheels. Two tone red and white with red carpets. VERY RARE car I believe about 75-80 in the world

1974 VW  Kombi Bus

1974 VW Kombi Bus

In good condition. has white bull bare on the front with spare wheel on it with a black & white VW wheel cover over the wheel.. Has a matress in the back. has a...


1967 Humber Super Snipe Hearse

1967 Humber Super Snipe Hearse It is black in colour with lots of stunning chrome. the bonnet mascot has been replaced with a flag pole.. it has deep green and burgundy interior in the...


1975 Ford XB

This is the most accurate replica of the Big Bopper Mad Max MFP pursuit car. Yellow base with red white and blues pinstripes. modified guards. airdam. sirens. PA. police lights. roof spoiler. Dash board...