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1953 Morris Oxford Traveller estate woody

rounded early 50s style. cream colour. 2 door with rear barn style doors. Exposed timber frame construction at the rear section. maroon vinyl with white piping. all original fittings. exposed timber frame at rear....

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1976 Nissan G60 Patrol

The exterior is very rustic and looks its age but not in the bad sense. It has bags of character and is a very robust old world charm to it. interior is in very...

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1968 Fuel Dragster Front engined

This is an original Australian built Fuel Dragster. front engined. shorty body.. Sparse. typical of the era in which it raced. seat belt. butterfly steering wheel. basic driver controls. hand brake ( no foot...


2013 Gypsy Wagon

Hand crafted Gypsy Wagon. New. 240v power. water connection. Divan. 4 lights. 2 power points