Category: Muscle Car


1970 Ford ZC Fairlane

Excellent condition. tho not perfect close up. . Excellent original condition.. V8 347 Stroker. tidy under bonnet. column auto. Air Conditioned. Car can be shown with original wheels & sun visor.


1965 Plymouth Sport Fury

99% perfect condition. with 2-pack repaint sometime in the not-too-distant past. Cream body with dark blue convertible hood or dark blue parade cover for the hood when down.. Dark blue interior white inserts in...

69615411317993866_Ford Fairlane right hand front qtr view.jpg

1972 Ford Fairlane ZD

Original Ford blue. A few scratches down one side. Plan is to have body repainted in original colour within next 12months.. All original. In good condition. . Engine has been modified to include extractors....


1972 Chrysler Charger

The car is in excellent condition and very tough looking. Its loud. fast. reliable and drives extremely well. It feels very Mad Max when you see and hear it. Black wheels set off the...