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Jensen Healey 1973

Original Condition 1973 MII Jensen Healey. Runs nicely.  Original 2L, 4cl, DOHC Lotus 907 motor with twin Dellorto DHLA40 carbs. Interior is all original and needs some work in detail but overall is in...

Charger main cropped

Immaculate Red Valiant Charger XL

Lovingly restored, staying true to the original specifications and style – down the finest detail and accessory. Drives smoothly and sounds nice and grunty. A great prop or accessory for any wedding day –...

Morris 1

1958 Morris Minor 1000

Immaculate and original sky blue Morris Minor 1000 Coupe. A great car for special shoots or just where a classic British car is needed. Can be paired with a white 1962 S Series Chrysler...


Pontiac Firebird

This car has an iconic TV history having been driven by James Garner in the US TV hit The Rockford Files. It was imported to Australia in 2014