Category: Convertible

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1966 Cobra Replica

Classic Cobra Shape With Full Width Roll Bar and Side Pipes. Simple 2 Seats With Painted Dash. 8 Gauges & Timber Steering Wheel. Replica of Classic Cobra. V8 power.


2006 Cobra 427 2006 Model

Classic Lines. Perfect Condition. 2 Side Exhausts. Chrome. . Suede Leather to ALL Surfaces Including Floor. Perfect Condition. . V8. Tough Sound. Great Example


1988 Ferrari 328 GST

Perfect condition as factory original. Cream Leather in original factory condition.. Perfect example of modern classic Ferrari model.


1991 Mercedes Benz 500 SL

Excellent Condition. Silver Over Grey Paint. All Factory Original. 3 Roof Options. Convertible. Soft Top or Hard Top. Very Tidy. Very Good Condition. Leather With Woodgrain. Discrete DVD Player. Original Style. Great Example of...